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Thank you for considering Crtptonix Softwares for your project! Crtptonix Softwares is one of the top notch information technologies firms that give unique and absolutely innovative IT solutions with unmatched quality and innovative ideas in designing and development. Our solutions are a combination of our creative insights and use of cutting edge technology. We are a one-stop destination for all web related services including Web Designing, website development, Ecommerce Development, Mobile application, Web Hosting, Domain Registrations, Fintech Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, School Solutions and so much more!

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Our Process Steps

Help us understand your project better.

Our Process Steps Our Process Steps Our Process Steps Our Process Steps

1. Survey And Strategy

Filling in questionnaire, making calls and perhaps meetings, questions and research that will help determine business and project objectives, and define project goals, scope, audience and timelines.

2. Concept

Using the information garnered from the Strategy Phase, we craft initial design directions for your review. We highlight applicable elements, as required, to provide options for design development.

3. Costing And Contract

Based on information gathered during conceptualization, costing will be determined. You are expected to pay a minimum deposit for work to begin.

4. Design

Upon selection of a design direction from the Concept Phase and upon given deposit is done, we go to the next stage to build-out with all required elements. During this Phase, we will also work with you to ensure that any required written content is developed and approved.

5. Development

Important elements of each design component are fine-tuned and prepped for production. For web projects, this is where programming, scripting and software integration begins.

6. Implementation

Specific to web projects, this phase includes final usability, platform and bandwidth testing to ensure ease of use, compatibility and quick download times. The site is then moved to our hosting server, where it undergoes is launched.

7. Delivery

For print or graphic design projects, your final files are delivered in requested formats or sent to printers. For web projects, we move your site from our hosting server to your specified server and launch it live. At your request, we can send you all final files for safe keeping.

8. Full Payment

Now we are through with your work, we expect full settlement of our reward by you.

Let's Get You Started!

For you had decided on a service with us, our professional team will help you throughout the process till you get satisfactory results. We pride ourselves on innovative designs that are as beautiful as they are functional. Every element combines to produce something truly special.

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